It’s not a sixties style sit in but a modern day love in.



Today, the third Sunday in June, I share with you my loyal reader the first few paragraphs of …
To Love a White Man, the reality of roots

When it is all finished I will share (Lord willing) the final few paragraphs at

May all of our loving begin and end with HIM.

Snow stood still pushed to the side of black lots of tar in a constant state of melt. Piled high taller than buildings, the snow it is mingling and melting with dirt holding it in ever so close until all becomes as one.

I’m eight years old seated in the middle of the crowd turned around looking at it all like the wife of Lot. It’s my sister’s birthday, the twenty-eighth day of June nineteen hundred and seventy one. The forks are grand at gathering snow. For less than the cost of a noon day show we watch from the hot red lined back seat as the shinny black rambler rolls off.

Please NOTE: We have moved. We have a new address.  We have a new location. Praise Time N Tennessee!

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God-Sized Dream House and The beyond single manifesto


Please note this post was Edited 07/18/2014.

This is it.

This is the next to the last time I will write here.

I will be updating my Instagram page with sneak peeks of The God-Sized Dream House as we pack up to move forward.

I hope to be writing at no later than July 7th.

But for now, another Blog Break is in order.

As, I’ve said before I wanted to leave you with something special.


And I did share it by video.

My daughter’s future Mom in Love requested I make her one in a buttery yellow, so I did. I wrote this a few years ago and found it while searching for content for Flip Your Passion.

Our life ain’t so much about our marital status, our motherhood status, our happy status, our sad status, our weight status, but our heart status.

And the world with its lust is passing away, but the one who does God’s will remains forever. 1 John 2:17

We are joining Holley today for Coffee for your heart Wednesday!


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When it seams like you are forever packing HOPE: Give me Grace


So many moves happening all at once. Life online and offline are just about the same these days. Offline we are in the process of moving to a new to us home. And, online we are in the process of moving to a new home ( So much happening all at once. Excited are we!

But honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. 1 Peter 3:15 (HCSV)

Joining Lisha Epperson for Give me Grace. 

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When HIS love oozes out of us like melted marshmallows, we will be united as one body.


Yesterday in the snack kitchen we made Empty Tomb Rolls for the preschool children or shall I say we rounded dough in single cup cake pans. The children each placed a marshmallow in their cup of dough to represent Jesus. I love the way Wendy explains the Empty Tomb Rolls on her site. While deep in though with my cooked dough it occurred to me how our physical bodies, our temples, our tombs are much like this dough when HIS love oozes out of us like melted marshmallow.

Above all, put on love—the perfect bond of unity. Colossians 3:14

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Five Minute Friday: Messenger


We don’t all get to write the O so pretty story.

We don’t all get to write of flowers and HIS glory.

Many a messenger hold a message in hand from a strange and distant land.

Many a messenger speak of a of truth not yet confessed.

Many a messenger pot been brewing on a more than hot eye.

Many a messenger just been a waiting for the day.

Many a messenger truth be told.

Has lived and watched a single life unfold.

Many a messenger stand on one side of truth.

Many a messenger would sit and not stand.

If the power were in his two hands.

Many a messenger would love to sleep the night.

Many a messenger would love to dim the light.

It’s the untold story for which they fight.

What if the untold message is hope filled with peace in clear sight?

Five Minute Friday

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Link Free-Thanksgiving Thursday: Surprisingly. Unexpectedly. Undivided. Beyond singleness


peroidI’m not quite sure what is up with me. But my thoughts of exiting this place, this space are all over me. We have decided to leave this house kinda of full. It’s brings much joy to my soul, whenever I go back to see the old place. The blogspot. The what was before. Somehow, I thought we would never leave this place. Somehow I thought we would just merge this place with the new place. I now know, that is not to be. This house will never be empty. We’ve been here since June of 2011. Yes, a little more or a little than three years. And, we were at the old place for a little more than two years. Over a thousand posts published in all. Many posts drafted but never published. Many headlines crafted and written. Over Five years of me blogging through it all. Over Five years of the all of me living scandalously undivided and free. Yes, many were only my photos with HIS words scribbled all about. Yet, many are short stories of me doing my little girl best to bring HIM glory. Yet, many stories remain untold. Many stories were to hard to tell, so they became book covers of thoughts never bought. They became domains of peace. It is well with my soul for some stories to remain untold. Our Father is writing a new story in the active part of my heart these days and I joy to live it. But, somehow I want to leave this place with more truth of me than is here right now. Somehow I want to leave this place with a padlock, so to speak. Somehow I want to leave this place with some final peace. Somehow I want to leave this place with some final words. It’s Thanksgiving Thursday and summer is yet to rest. I am forever Thankful to HIM that keepest the all of me. Yes, I know keepest is not a word. By the way I am reading an advanced copy of Love. Period. by Pastor Rudy Rasmus. Lord willing I will be writing and posting a review of this title at on July 7. His message is my message. Love is the new Radical. Sonya La

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When not one thing you do makes sense to not one person in the whole wide world of you


When all the chatter turn to the likes of you.

When you are separated from your spouse.

When you are new on the marriage frontier.

When the why of divorce remains unclear.

When you live a bit like a princess.

When you think no one would understand your condition.

When your heart is broken and you can not find your way.

When your mind is a tangled mess and every thought be it incomplete.

When your soul is stuck on stop, repeat and play, praying for a brand new day.

Jesus will light the way.

When not one thing you do makes sense to not one person in the whole wide world of you.

Jesus will see you through.

Jesus is your heart glue.

Jesus is clarity of mind.

Jesus is the wash of your soul.

Jesus is the never let go.

Our Father desires our heart, mind and soul.

This is but a temple position in living a life beyond the worldly status that man made traditions have trapped our hearts in.

We can live a life with our hearts undivided for the love and cause of Christ.

Single or not.

Married or not.

It is true our Father hates divorce.

But he loves ALL, no matter the position this ole world has us in.

Jesus loves the ALL of you.

When not one thing you do makes sense to not one person in the whole wide world of you.

Ask God for an undivided heart.

Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness;

give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. Psalm 86:11

What changes inside of you, when you approach the throne of mercy and grace?





Joining Holley for Coffee for your heart

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When the evidence of you is revealed: Design Tips, Tricks and Tactics Tuesday


If you notice, we are not calling them books anymore. In the world of we, they are now called publications. This is we tricking me to get it done. If you notice, we’ve changed the coloring on the Flip your passion publication from hot pink to red. After studying the branding efforts of other author’s work I noticed there was something consistent within the body of work, while each work was a single thought explained and made public. Many use the same font and placement of the author’s name on each and every publication for consistency and others use placement of title and subtitle. The Scarlet Thread of Jesus became evident to me in my work, as I reflected on my life as a whole.

The design trick for today is sometimes you must find a way to trick yourself.

The design tip for today is good design is more study than art.

The design tactic is don’t forget to study yourself.

When you study your one life as a whole, the evidence of you, though already there is revealed.

What is the evidence of you?

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Living beyond single: Your idol will always break your heart



At this very moment I am listening to Timothy Keller: Counterfeit Gods. Not watching but listening as I type. Maybe I will watch later, maybe I will not. This is a point on video, I believe you should watch or at least listen. Early this morning I read the scriptures which go along with our Gospel Project Lessons. I’m not sure how it’s all {VBS} going to pan out today as it is raining. My son road his bike to FB practice. I watched him ride out before 6AM. Book boy will arrive in less than a few minutes and two more boys will join us after VBS for a stay and play at Ms Sonya’s house. Yesterday we purchased a wedding band for Jimmy aka  Modern Wood Man. He is wearing it to work at the flower farm today. He purchased me a little black and white diamond infinity ring for my birthday. I wear this as my wedding ring. We are adjusting to married life. It is both good and hard. But, we are both making the necessary adjustments to become husband and wife. I have no interest in becoming a member of the Happy Wives Club {smile} though I adore Fawn Weaver. I do believe there is great joy for singles to live beyond their status with an undivided heart. We will explore these truths right here until we move to By the way I am not changing my last name. If you know of a biblical reason for me to change my last name to that of my husband, please let me know via my Facebook Page.

I have a one to a box theory, “I believe we all get one on the way in and we all get one on the way out.”


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